I am very saddened to hear that the Member of Parliament, Honourable Lalabalavu has chosen to denigrate the Office of the Speaker of our Parliament by swearing in the vernacular at the Honourable Speaker, Madam Jiko Luveni.

As you know, the Speaker of Parliament holds a very esteemed position in our Constitutional system of Government in which Parliament is the supreme law making body.

To have Honourable Lalabalavu who has not acted very honourably, publicly use abusive terms is scandalous to say the least and indeed is an attack on the Fijian Parliamentary system of governance.
The Speaker represents the Parliament and an attack on the Speaker is an attack on Parliamentary democracy. The unfortunate thing for the Opposition has been that it has not come to grips with the fact that they did not win the elections and they are not in government and thus, have resorted to cheap and abusive politics.

Furthermore, as a result of this frustration of theirs, they have simply embarked now both in and out of Parliament on an agenda of vilifying individuals and spreading misinformation on the proceedings in Parliament. They have nothing constructive to offer to the parliamentary proceedings nor to the people of Fiji.

This unfortunate attack on the Honourable Speaker, Madam Jiko Luveni is the height of all abuse.
Parliament must not allow this type of unbecoming behavior to ever take place again.