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Government is committed to ensuring that communities affected by climate change and rising sea levels are protected.
Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development and National Disaster Management permanent secretary, Mr Filipe Alifereti, while inspecting the Bau seawall today, said the Government will ensure communities facing the adverse effects of climate change would be looked after.

“Government is looking at addressing coastal inundation, which is evident on the island of Bau and we are working towards protecting this coastline here on the island, ” Mr Alifereti said.

Mr. Alifereti said that the first phase of constructions would cost close to $700,000.

“The first phase of the project is estimated to cost about $700,000 while the second phase is pegged at around $400,000 to fully complete construction.

“The engineers are estimating the first phase of constructions to be completed between March and April and from there, we will work towards preparing for the second phase of work,” the permanent secretary said.

Principal engineer of River Engineering under Ministry of Primary Industries Lands and Water Resource Management section, Khin Muang Cho said that the seawall would cover 500 meters of the Bau coastline.

“We are working towards completing 500 meters of the seawall by the end of March or April when the first stage will be completed,” Mr Cho said.

Mr Cho said that this seawall will be constructed to ensure longevity and protect the islanders from rising sea levels.

Bau chief, Ratu Apenisa Cakobau was thankful to Government’s commitment in safeguarding the island from the effects of climate change.

“I am very grateful for government’s continued show of commitment in protecting the island of Bau from the effects of climate change and rising sea levels.”