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Fiji PM Bainimarama Raises Awareness on the Draft constitution to Fijians in PNG

Fijian Prime Minister Bainimarama Completes State Visit in Papua New Guinea

Fijian Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has completed his first state visit to Papua New Guinea.

The head of government was accorded a full military guard of honour and a gun salute at the Jackson International Airport in Port Moresby this afternoon.

Expressing his appreciation to officials onboth the Fiji and PNG side for facilitating this visit, Prime Bainimarama said the future of the Fiji PNG relations remains solid and promising.

At a dinner last night where he hosted his PNG counterpart the Honourable Peter O’Neill, Prime Minister Bainimarama highlighted that relations between the two countries have been consistentlypositive.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Fiji and my government attaches great respect and value for the years that we have stood together, side by side. Through this process, Fijians have come to know who their true friends are – we are grateful for the genuine friendship of the people of Papua New Guinea”, PM Bainimarama said.

“I want to warmly thank Papua New Guinea for its understanding, support and encouragement for the reforms by my Government, both privately and publicly in regional forums, and on the world stage at large”.

At a meeting this morning with Fijian government officials, the Prime Minister pointed out that all issues raised and proposals put forward by both countries should begin immediately. He has also proposed the establishment of a Fiji Trade Mission in PNG to boost Fiji’s economic presence in the growing Melanesian economy.

Meanwhile the head of government is heading to New York where he will be chairing a series of meetings on the G77+China Group.

Prime Minister Bainimarama Proposes Fiji Trade Mission to Papua New Guinea

Fijian Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has proposed for the establishment of a Fiji Trade Mission office in Papua New Guinea.

During discussions held this morning with Fiji’s Foreign Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola and other government officials, the Prime Minister pointed out that a mission would accelerate Fiji’s business opportunities in PNG.

The Prime Minister said that this trade mission would also position Fiji to penetrate further into the growing PNG economy.

This morning, the PM Bainimarama toured the Office of Fiji’s High Commission in Port Moresby and spoke of the need for Fiji officials to immediately begin putting in place measures to strengthen relations between the two countries.

Fiji’s High Commissioner to PNG, Romanu Tikotikoca briefed the Prime Minister on operations at Fiji’s mission and updated him on recent developments.

Fijian Prime Minister Bainimarama Opens Investment Seminar in Papua New Guinea

Fiji Prime Minister Opens Investment Seminar in Papua New GuineaFijian Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has called on the private sector in both Fiji and Papua New Guinea to work closely with each other to boost investment opportunities.

At the opening of the 2013 Trade and Investment Seminar this morning in PNG, the head of government pointed out both countries’ membership within the Melanesian Spearhead Group. He said that since establishing the group, countries within the region have been benefiting significantly.

“The MSG is now an important regional and international grouping and Fiji attaches enormous value to both our membership and our contribution to its success. The organisation was further strengthened in 2005 by the signing of the revised MSG Trade Agreement to foster economic development through trade”, PM Bainimarama said.

“As the major economies in the region, Fiji and PNG are now driving the MSG Trade Agreement towards the first fully fledged Free Trade Area (FTA) in the region. By creating stronger trade and economic links between our two countries, we are laying the foundation for a new era of trade and economic development and cooperation within the MSG”.

“The Fijian and PNG Governments – along with our respective private sectors – share a bold vision, which is a truly integrated Pacific, pursuing common goals that grow our economies, increase our regional and global influence and, benefit all our peoples”.

The seminar, which brings together officials from both the public and private sector from both countries, is designed to boost investment opportunities and provide a platform to exchange ideas and experiences. The Prime Minister also pointed out recent initiatives put in place to stimulate investments in Fiji.

Fiji has become a more attractive destination for foreign investment. In order to reduce the cost of doing business, my Government has amended and modernised laws to reduce bureaucracy and red tape in the trade and investment systems and processes.

“We are upgrading our information technology systems to pave the way for the introduction of a portal for ‘E-Services’. This will enable most Government services to go online and be hosted on a single platform. This will include Investment Approval Agencies and applications for Foreign Investment Registration Certificates”.

“We have simplified the tax system to make it more transparent and eliminate fraud and tax evasion. The Fijian corporate tax is one of the lowest at 20% with a further reduced corporate tax rate of 17% for foreign companies that establish regional or global headquarters in Fiji. The ANZ Bank has already taken advantage of this incentive by shifting its Regional Headquarters from Melbourne to Fiji”.

Meanwhile Papua New Guinea’s Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry, Honourable Richard Maru delivered his address at the seminar and called for more opportunities from Fiji to be established in Fiji.

$40M from Papua New Guinea for Fiji Elections

The Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, Honourable Peter O’ Neill has today announced that PNG will provide 50million kina (FJD40.36million) to assist Fiji prepare for elections in 2014.

Prime Minister O’ Neill made this announcement following bilateral talks between him and Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama at Parliament House.

Following that, both parties signed a joint communiqué calling for stronger relations between the two countries.

The funding is grant which is allocated as 25million kina (FJD20.15million) for next year(2014) and the same amount for the following year( 2015)

Both countries agreed that more opportunities exist to boost their economies and this could only be achieved through strengthening relations.

Earlier today, the two governments agreed to allow their nationals entry into PNG and Fiji without a visa.

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama and his PNG counterpart also announced various assistance programmes highlighting the need to strengthen existing relations between the two countries.

Prime Minister Bainimarama stated that these significant developments would boost relations between the two Melanesian countries.


Fijian Prime Minister Bainimarama Commends Fiji-Papua New Guinea Business Council for Promoting Growth

Fijian Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has commended the PNG – Fiji Business Council for its work towards promoting growth between the two countries.

At a breakfast hosted by the PNG Business Council today, the head of government pointed out the work of the council was stimulating this growth.

“They’re an important component of our overall effort to encourage trade, investment and technical and economic co-operation between FIji and PNG. Business clearly is working in partnership with Government. We share the same commitment to expand that relationship,” PM Bainimarama said.

“The Fijian Government values the role of these Business Councils in providing a platform for the exchange of ideas and contributing those ideas to the national policy debate. Business is a key component in assisting Government to get our policy settings right. We all see trade and investment as the key generator of development and the means to provide our peoples with adequate and sustainable livelihoods”.

The Prime Minister highlighted that Fiji’s transition and its development over the years positions both countries to grow stronger.

“At the same time, Fiji is at the crossroads of the Pacific. It has a developed financial sector, a strong manufacturing base and a well educated work force,” PM Bainimarama said.

“As nations, we already have immense potential. Combined, we have even more. We have the means and the resources to take ourselves and our neighbours to another level of development if we work more closely together.”

This morning’s business breakfast saw members of both the Fiji and PNG business sector look at ways of improving current relations.

The Prime Minister will continue his State visit in the Melananesian capital later today and will meet with his PNG counterpart, the Honourable Peter O’Neill.

Papua New Guinea Calls for Stronger Relations with Fiji

The Prime Minister of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea has called for stronger relations to be established with its Melanesian neighbour, Fiji.

Hosting his Fiji counterpart to a state dinner last night, PNG’s Prime Minister Honourable Peter O’Neill said that more efforts needed to be put in place to strengthen current relations.

Prime Minister O’Neill is hosting the Fijian Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama on his state visit to PNG. In his address at the state dinner last night, Prime Minister O’Neill pointed out the need for senior officials from both sides to meet regularly.

“Of course we are two big brothers in the region and it is important that we continue to maintain these relations through more cooperative arrangements so that we can continue to consolidate, diversify and strengthen our relations between the two countries”, Prime Minister O’Neill said.

“Our government is keen on exploring the opportunity to establish a bi-annual senior officials meeting to enable our officials to have regular contacts and consultations with a view to formalising relations in the key sectors”.

In his response, Prime Minister Bainimarama agreed that more opportunities exist to strengthen current relations.

“We have already developed close trade and investment ties but there is room to do much more. Which is why I am leading the first ever official Fijian trade delegation to Papua New Guinea and the biggest delegation Fiji has sent to any country”.

“We are the leading nations in Melanesia and the wider region -you with your large market and immense mineral and energy resources, Fiji with its manufacturing sector and, skilled and educated workforce at the crossroads of the Pacific”.

Prime Minister Bainimarama highlighted that despite the need to strengthen relations to stimulate growth for both countries, opportunities needed to be created within the region.

“Enhancing our own trade and investment links will not only benefit our economies but the economies of our smaller island neighbours”, PM Bainimarama said.

Fijian Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama’s Remarks at the Fiji-PNG Trade Dinner

Bula vinaka and a very good evening to you all.

After the wonderful hospitality shown to members of the Fijian delegation, it is a great pleasure for me to be hosting this official dinner as my visit to PNG draws to a close.

As much as it is formal, it is also a family meal. Because as well as being friends, allies and trading partners, we are both members of the extended Melanesian family, whose interests we represent and uphold.

We have crammed so much into this visit that I cannot believe that we’ve only been in Port Moresby since Monday. Thank you for your warm welcome, your overwhelming hospitality and the substantive nature of our discussions.

We came seeking to strengthen our political and economic ties, promote trade and investment and, discuss our vision for Papua New Guinea and Fiji to lead the Melanesian Spearhead Group into a single, unified market. We leave tomorrow having accomplished this and much more.

We’re especially grateful to the Papua New Guinean Government for its generous contribution to our election preparations in Fiji – a total of 50 million Kina – 25 million this year and 25-million in 2014. It is a vote of confidence in Fiji and our desire to establish a genuine parliamentary democracy for the first time and it is deeply appreciated.

This visit has been an outstanding success, and I want to pay tribute to Prime Minister O’Neill for his leadership and the rest of his Government for their hard work and careful attention to detail.

I also want to thank the business leaders who accompanied me on this visit and their Papua New Guinean counterparts, who have been discussing how we can grow our trade, investment and commercial opportunities. We have achieved much – as evidenced by the BeMobile partnership – and are certain to achieve much more in the coming weeks and months.

Fiji looks forward to hosting a Papua New Guinean trade and investment delegation at a date to be fixed and give us the opportunity to extend our celebrated Fijian hospitality to you.

Of course, the coming months are important ones for Fiji, as we finalise a new Constitution and prepare the ground for parliamentary elections by September 2014.

In conclusion, I want to warmly thank Papua New Guinea for its understanding, support and encouragement for the reforms of my Government, both privately and publicly in regional forums, and on the world stage at large.

It has been wonderful to have you standing shoulder to shoulder with us as we strive to produce a new national framework for a better Fiji, a more equal Fiji in which people are judged on their merits.

Through this process, Fijians have come to know who their true friends are – we are grateful for the friendship of the Papua New Guineans.

I now propose a toast to the Government and people of Papua New Guinea – friends and partners now and into the future.

To Papua New Guinea